We’re happy to announce the release of the Qwertycoin wallet v3.0.0 for Windows, macOS & Linux!

Get your download HERE: https://qwertycoin.org/downloads

It is a MUST that you DO NOT try and use any cached data from the old software.
This new wallet version relies on the new blockchain, and must be synced from scratch.

Read the instructions twice before starting (especially if it’s your first time).
Join our Telegram Channel if you have any questions – Qwertycoin Community.


DO NOT use a copy of your old blockchain file as part of this upgrade process!
(Seriously, we can’t emphasize this enough. You won’t save time and will only be disappointed with the results.)


Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Open your old wallet:
    1. Copy your Mnemonic Seed – File -> Show Mnemonic Seed (if all else fails, this will be your safety net)
    2. Backup your old wallet – File -> Backup Wallet (you will use this file later in this process)
    3. Copy your backup file to a safe place
  2. Download and install the new Qwerty Wallet
  3. Open the new wallet software
  4. You will get an error message, “Error: Socket operation timed out”
    1. This error is expected – we are working on a fix for this bug and will release the fix in a future update
  5. A new a new wallet is created for you – don’t panic – if you followed step #1 above your coins are safe
  6. Let the wallet automatically synchronize with the new blockchain
    1. This may take an hour or more depending on the speed of your internet connection, the power of your CPU and the load on the Qwertycoin network
  7. Once the synchronize operation is complete, open the wallet backup you saved in step #1b above – File -> Open Wallet
  8. Again, let the wallet synchronize. This will occur much faster than it did in step #6
  9. Pour yourself a drink – congratulations your wallet is upgraded!

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our documentation. Please post your feedback to the Qwerty Support Telegram channel or to the Qwerty Discord site.

Hard fork @ Height 88,000!

+ Increase pending Transaction Alt block lifetime to 48 hours
+ Decrease pending Transaction Alt block lifetime to 24 hours
+ Smoother synchronization process
+ Cleaner daemon errors and debug messages (i.e. set_log 4)
+ Faster gui synchronizing
+ Transfer protection: Can’t send coins unless wallet synchronized!
+ Jagerman timestamp fix (negative block time and 51% attacks)
+ Many smaller improvements

As always, for any support with the Qwertycoin project, visit our Telegram channels:
General Information: http://t.me/qwertycoin | Support: https://t.me/qwc_support

The Qwertycoin Team.

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