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Qwertycoin is real community cryptocurrency, a decentralized digital asset, like Bitcoin.

It is based on CryptoNote Technology V2.0. Nobody owns or controls Qwertycoin.

It allows anonymous and trustless peer to peer transactions through a fair ASIC-resistant PoW mining algorithm and will implement EPoSe, a new algorithm concept exclusive to QWC.

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The Qwertycoin Group

Alex nnиан

Creator & Lead Developer


Creator & MacOS Lead


IT Lead

Jason (Xecute)

Team Lead & Finance Officer

Jordan Lovelle (Anonymaus)

Team Lead & Designer

Maveric Miner

Community & Marketing Manager

Jeff Lee

IT & Infrastructure

Brent (FranklinsAce)

Community & Marketing Manager

Marc (ExploShot)

Developer & Mobile Lead

Lee (Spek Oregonian)

Speaker & Marketing Manager

Michael (ghostx1x)

Designer & Creator (QWC Foundation)

Dennis (axecrypt)

Contributor & QWC Foundation

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